Sólo yo te pido que te quedes en donde puedas alcanzar lo que quieras conseguir y en cambio tú me pides que me quede donde
puedas vigilarme hasta que te canses de buscar.

Bombay El Guincho (via pensamientosinundandomialmohada)

Canción jo-vial

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(via intoxicatedbyherself)

Anonymous asked: In the whole spectrum of sexual orientation where do you label yourself?



My veins are maps
leading to my heart
as they twist and turn
around mass and bones
and it shouldn’t be this hard
to love a person.

Michelle K., Six Months. (via michellekpoems)
A kiss on the forehead—erases misery.
I kiss your forehead.
A kiss on the eyes—lifts sleeplessness.
I kiss your eyes.
A kiss on the lips—is a drink of water.
I kiss your lips.
A kiss on the forehead—erases memory.

Marina Tsvetaeva, “A Kiss on The Forehead.”  (via versteur)

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